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​​Forthcoming: Olney Magazine Dissents Issue, Honorarium Winner, I am No Mare 

• Letter to a Stranger 

To Spring From You Divine

• Road to Avalon
• The Beast [Hungry Ghost Magzine]
• Otoliths, issue fifty-eight part one


after life [Luna Luna]

• What she told me before [New Feathers Anthology] - Nominated for New Feathers Artist Award

After the memorial [New Feathers Anthology]

• The Beach Boys [Scalawag]

• Consider Yourself Home [X-RAY]

• Now Let Us Release [Cape Magazine]

• everything so far [Goats Milk Magazine]
• When my mother was a galaxy [Crow & Cross Keys]

My Boyfriend Likes Her Pictures [Killer and a Sweet Thang]

I Didn't Feel Like a Girl [Killer and a Sweet Thang]

• Love poem [Olney Magazine]
• Lakshmi [Cobra Milk]
• What remained [Coven Poetry]
• The Execution of Lady Jane Grey [Truffle Magazine]
• Sputnik [Issue 4 of Molecule] - Pushcart Prize-nominated 
• One Winter [Horse Egg Literary]
• Rime of the Mariner's Sons [Writers’ Kingston]
• According to Mary [Nymphs Publications]
• Sorry Megan Fox [Spilling Ink]
• America, all I ask [Rejection Letters]
• 3 poems [Thorn Literary Magazine]
• Shall We Ascend Together? [7x7]
• Bring me the wings of Syd Barrett [Neurological Literary Magazine]
• This right [Is Acoustic]
• Hope [No Contact]
• Two poems [Otoliths]
• Spuffy 4 Eva [Daily Drunk]
• Détente [Kissing Dynamite]
• Uncle Alex (Trocchi) [3:AM Magazine ]
• Wolf-Like [Terror House]

• Night Club [Terror House Magazine]

At the Top of the 106 [Terror House Magazine]

• At the waterhole [The Nervous Breakdown]
• Hegira [Eunoia Review]
• Dear KJ [Heroin Chic]
• A Poem [Sons and Daughters]
• Oh! [Dean Chalkley]
• Never Turn Back [Dean Chalkley]
• The Birthday [Oh Comely]
• Alternate Descents [Lighthouse Issue 7

• [Southlight 21 Spring 2017]
• Red Dog [The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature]
• No Ode to Oxy [The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature]
• Collection [Ink, Sweat, and Tears]

To the Man Who Killed My Friend

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